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Surrounded by volcanoes

My friend, Sam, who has lived in Indonesia for over 15 years gave us the tip to visit a hotel in the mountains. Sam specified a certain room and helped me book it with a down payment in advance. Once, … Continue reading

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Don’t worry! Be happy!

Our local Balinese guide, self described Bali Paul Newman — I think his name is actually Mr. Nyoman — but sounds like close enough, found out what the word “aphrodisiac” meant today. Mr. Nyoman took us to many local attractions … Continue reading

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my students’ devices

Today the 7th graders went back to visit the 3rd graders for Part 2 of their Augmented Reality project. The students were working on drawing a self portrait, providing 5 clues, then revealing themselves in a video. The self-portrait becomes … Continue reading

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pledge drive fan

“We have $361 to go in the next 11 minutes. I know we can do this.” “Someone could call in as a Day Sponsor and it’s done. Day Sponsorship means you have a message of your choice read on air … Continue reading

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Dusty, hot and constantly amazed

We spent a total of 15 hours over 2 days visiting the sites of about 10 different temples. This is the beginning of a travel story even I’m bored in the telling so when I return home and can sort … Continue reading

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The night bus

My friends told me they were bringing backpacks on our trip to Cambodia. I was planning to bring a carry-on with wheels. They grimaced in skepticism when I mentioned this. I realized I would need to borrow a hiking pack. … Continue reading

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Holding 2 thoughts in your head at once

When westerners think of Cambodia, they may think of Lara Croft Tomb Raider or Maddox and Pax Jolie-Pitt or Angkor Wat or the Killing Fields–depending on their experience or interest. I knew I would visit the amazing as well as … Continue reading

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