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Bowing toward Mecca

Before I moved to Indonesia, I really had very little knowledge of Islam or being Muslim. My only real stand on any topic related to Islam was to compare those who opposed a mosque construction near Ground Zero to anyone who would … Continue reading

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pledge drive fan

“We have $361 to go in the next 11 minutes. I know we can do this.” “Someone could call in as a Day Sponsor and it’s done. Day Sponsorship means you have a message of your choice read on air … Continue reading

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emcees, roadies, performers and a frazzled director

Friday was the Grade 7 Assembly. I am the Grade Level Leader for Grade 7. One aspect of international teaching is that you may find yourself in positions of leadership and responsibility that may otherwise take years to achieve or … Continue reading

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tribute to my grandma and the hours of unintended amusement she brought

I lost my 2nd grandma recently. I wasn’t sure when and how to post about her death–because, is it tacky to post about death as a Facebook update? But then, my dad posted and my friends started dropping me condolences … Continue reading

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the inevitable

We consider more precious what we will soon leave behind. In the count-down to my final days of living in Indonesia, I am attempting to resist  the urge to make anything precious. However, like a crabby old auntie who inevitably … Continue reading

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now that’s sick

A few weeks after I arrived in Indonesia I was diagnosed with typhoid. I didn’t even realize that this was still around as a communicable disease. But I guess it is in a place where the tap water is not … Continue reading

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to lost places

To Lost Places A corner of stores with Spanish and English names Sits at a traffic light near my home in Michigan. A patch of cement and a few unfrequented buildings, Seen only from a car window Waiting for the … Continue reading

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