Surrounded by volcanoes


My friend, Sam, who has lived in Indonesia for over 15 years gave us the tip to visit a hotel in the mountains. Sam specified a certain room and helped me book it with a down payment in advance. Once, she and her husband were bumped from her favorite room when a visiting dignitary arrived at the hotel on the same day.

This is another advantage of ex-pat culture: the inside travel tips. In a cool mountain breeze, I have little to report but gratitude to Sam for bringing us to a place I would never have found on my own.




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12 Responses to Surrounded by volcanoes

  1. Beth says:

    With gratitude to Jackie for letting us tag along.

  2. I’ve found that when you’re traveling, it’s so much more gratifying to get to know the culture through its people. Fellow ex-pats become part of that culture and it’s awesome to see whats TRULY out there, rather than what we’re told is out there!

    • jaclynfre says:

      It’s been fun to travel with family as well. I feel like a guest in Indonesia, but can take on the role of host with visitors. What are some of your favorite travel “finds?”

  3. Loralee says:

    The hotel looks beautiful!

  4. isbergamanda says:

    That place does look amazing! I can’t wait to make my way to Indonesia one day!

  5. aggiekesler says:

    Sounds and looks heavenly! Hope you had a great time! πŸ˜‰

  6. Karen Wlaker says:

    looks beautiful! Hope you all enjoyed!( I’m sure you did!)

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