Don’t worry! Be happy!


Our local Balinese guide, self described Bali Paul Newman — I think his name is actually Mr. Nyoman — but sounds like close enough, found out what the word “aphrodisiac” meant today.

Mr. Nyoman took us to many local attractions including a coffee / tea / cacao location where he encouraged my uncle to drink the ginseng coffee for “make stronger.” My uncle asked him if that meant it was an aphrodisiac. Mr. Newman didn’t know what that was, but within a half hour guessed its meaning without even googling (what google?) it. This launched him into song, singing loudly and winkingly, “Boom boom boom let’s go back to your room…”

He was disappointed to hear we weren’t interested in tasting the cat-poo-ccino or lowak coffee made from coffee beans digested by civets and pooped out to give the coffee an allegedly milder smoother taste.

Our day was peppered with reminders to “Don’t worry! Be happy!” because when my uncle asked if that was a local saying or way of life we discovered that no it’s just a “freakin’ good song. You know this song, yes?”

From temple a few days before the Hindu holiday of Nyepi celebrating the bad god with a day of silence to the spice jungle to rice terraces, a memorable day was had by all. (Not sure how to caption photos on this app, so feel free to provide your own.)



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4 Responses to Don’t worry! Be happy!

  1. aggiekesler says:

    Oh my gosh! Cat-poop coffees? Umm…no thanks!

  2. dougbouws says:

    Your uncle is quite an odd duck. He should try the cat pooh chino. I’ve heard weasel poop coffee is quite a delicacy.

    • jaclynfre says:

      The real reason he didn’t try it was because he had already had some in VietNam. Old news. 🙂 We found out that the animal was not a cat, a weasel or a civet–but a mongoose. We saw it in its cage, but it was sleeping because it was nocturnal.

    • jaclynfre says:

      I was told to reply that the apple doesn’t fall far far far

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