pledge drive fan

11454297503_e27946e4ff_h“We have $361 to go in the next 11 minutes. I know we can do this.”

“Someone could call in as a Day Sponsor and it’s done. Day Sponsorship means you have a message of your choice read on air six times a day. It’s your chance to remember that special someone on their birthday or your anniversary.”

“Or we could have 7 people calling in at $5 a month. Every little bit counts. So do your part to support Michigan Radio by calling 888-258-9866.”

Tuning in for the Michigan Radio Spring Pledge Drive is a real time marker for me. I’m a spring renewer. I like to renew when spring break is closing in or sometimes kicking off. When Daylight Saving Time has sprung forward. When Tulip Time is in the final stages of Dutch Dance rehearsal and  tulip bloom anticipation.

Also, pledge drive banter is like being able to eavesdrop on people during their most Parent / Teacher of conferences overtime. Admiration, mixed with an explanation of what you offer, combined with gentle prodding, concluding with a request for some skin in the game.

There’s also potential for silliness. For some reason, years back, one Michigan Radio pledge duo riffed on the Ann Arbor sponsor, Dogma Catmantoo, in a way in which they could not mask their amusement. On my way to work, this hit me in such a way that I was giggling most of the drive until I pulled into our parking lot.

This year, as last, I was able to pledge online and have a thank you gift sent to my sister’s place. I do not own an NPR Tote. But my favorite gift was an advanced dvd copy of the “This American Life” episodes airing on Showtime. I also own a TAL mug, a stainless steel travel mug, and now a French press mug. I’m not even a coffee drinker. But great re-gifting options–apologies to Michigan Radio for re-gifting their gift.

Did you catch the Planet Money T-shirt project? Still waiting for a backordered squirrel shirt. One of the stops that a t-shirt makes on its way to a Target or Old Navy is potentially, yes, Indonesia.

I’d love to know if any of the Slice of Life crowd has Venn Diagram connections with NPR members. My money is on yes. If so, what are your favorite pledge stories? Or least favorite pledge moments?

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2 Responses to pledge drive fan

  1. I love that analogy about the pledge drive being the conversation that’s usually reserved for PTCs. That’s spot-on!

    • jaclynfre says:

      Thanks Stacey!! I wondered about that afterward. I was like, really? But then I realized, we are promoting and getting people on board. In the best cases, we are thanking them for their amazing support. I guess it fits on different levels. Looking forward to checking out your blog.

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