won’t take credit for the good days, but will celebrate them

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hAfter a week of high anxiety and drama, it was great to witness students coming together within and across grade levels on various projects. We are really working on building responsibility in our Grade 7s (American Translation: 7th graders) and a sense of community in our Grade 6s. March is when you grow tired of the same behaviors you were addressing months before.

But, today was not one of those days in March. Today, this happened:

filming the big reveal

filming the big reveal

The backstory is that these boys have been working on getting along. Today I saw them voluntarily work together to film an augmented reality video for a project. The project is for our Student Led Conferences in which students created a silhouette of themselves with 5 clues about their identity. The true identity is revealed when families download Aurasma  (an augmented reality app) and subscribe to our channel. When a person places their device over the silhouette, a video reveals the student’s identity. The silhouette is the trigger image and acts like a QR code.

Meanwhile in Grade 7, this happened:

our G3 buddies

our G3 buddies

Multi-age is so powerful! Ms. Mary Anne, the Grade 3 teacher and I were pleasantly surprised and definitely appreciating the way the Grade 7s were stepping up and being such great buddies to their 3rd grade friends. There were combinations that we didn’t even anticipate would be so magical: 2 artists were paired and discussed technique, some techies were set up and kept exchanging observations and tips, also a 3rd grade boy who gets along quite nicely with girls enjoyed the company of a 7th grade girl who “got him.”

As if the day wasn’t golden enough, on the walk back through our pristinely manicured grounds filled with tropical plants, Chinese reflecting pools with peaceful stone statues, giant replicas of Indonesian instruments for the children to play in the Adventure Park . . . a group of students huddled around this and one student captured the moment by snapping a picture just before someone moved his foot which elicited a scream when the creature moved its “antlers” in response:


I am thankful for days like this. I won’t take credit for them, but I will celebrate them.


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2 Responses to won’t take credit for the good days, but will celebrate them

  1. Joan says:

    You’re such a good teacher Jackie. I’m glad you can enjoy days like these between the stressful ones.

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