Rainy Season is almost over

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hTaking a Walk in the Rainy Season
inspired by Robert Frost

When on the roof the rain beats sound
The house is cool, the mists surround.
The light’ning flash and thunder strike
Both fill the air and shake the ground.

The taxi and the motorbike,
The truck with chickens–all dislike
to swerve to miss the potholes deep.
Umbrella up, I start to hike.

I soon slip on the moss, but keep
From falling down. No women sweep.
The waters splatter, splash and seep.
The waters splatter, splash and seep.

from my front door

Note: Thought I’d post this on St. Patrick’s Day to show one of the reasons it is so incredibly green in Indonesia. Also, I live in The Green.

The Green

The Green


About jaclynfre

Tech integration specialist, recipe adventurer, fast walker, sporadic writer, aunt, sister and daughter
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5 Responses to Rainy Season is almost over

  1. I love the inspiration you’ve incorporated by Robert Frost. I’m very intrigued by your stay in Indonesia!

  2. Beautiful greenery in the photo & a beautiful poem, Jackie.

  3. How fun that you are joining in the “Green” festivities! I feel like I could use some lush greenery today. (We got snow)

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