weekend foodies

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hI have been pseudo-participating in the 30 Day Vegan Challenge this year, but mostly because my students asked if they could join–as vegetarians since their moms want them to continue drinking milk every day. In that spirit, I have also stuck to my cheesy toast in the mornings and feta cheese on my couscous salads for lunch, but have otherwise gone vegan again–in other words “fake vegan” or vegetarian.



I’ve organized some “Snack Days” where up to 9 girls have been enjoying queso and guacamame with chips, coconut balls (tropical and fresh) and other tasty treats. One girl introduced us to Taste Made–hipster delicious videos. One non-participant caught up with us and tried the queso and was overheard saying, “Being vegan is fun!”

The key to being “vegan” is to make it fun and delicious. So this weekend, some colleagues gathered for a Japanese vegan cooking event. From Soba Salad to Vegetable Sushi to Ramen (basically Miso Dashi Broth with noodles and roasted pumpkin or anything else you’d like to add) to Tempura (the biggest hit) and Dipping Sauce to Pimms–the meal was hand-crafted and so good.

P.S. Being vegan/vegetarian in Indonesia means fresh fruit and vegetables all year round. This hairy fruit actually has the Indonesian word for “hair” in its name, “rambutan.” Enjoying a break while grading:

How do you peel a rambutan?

How do you peel a rambutan?

Like a lychee--sweet, sour and a bit floral in a pleasant way.

Like a lychee–sweet, sour and a bit floral in a pleasant way.


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8 Responses to weekend foodies

  1. Susanne says:

    I’m so ready for veggies from the garden! It’s been a long winter.

    • jaclynfre says:

      What vegetables do you grow? Strangely tomatoes and avocados are not great in Indonesia. But berries, mangoes, carrots, etc. delicious! Of course, there’s also durian, which I haven’t tried yet. Must do this soon.

  2. Yes, I’d be interested to know what kind of garden you keep (if any) and is family farming/gardening a part of life? Are those fruits from your garden or a market?

    And what does an Indonesian market look like???

  3. Latisha says:

    Love that you organized a group with the girls. It seems like you all are having fun with the challenge. That rambutan looks interesting and delicious

    • jaclynfre says:

      Would you believe there were 2 men there? However, neither are doing the challenge but did enjoy the Japanese meal. 🙂 The rambutan is really fun to eat as well as being delicious.

  4. Karen Wlaker says:

    food looks delish…especially the Sushi!!!

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