The Gecko

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hWe read Love That Dog by Sharon Creech in order to light the fire of poetry under us all. Whenever I give my students a writing assignment I try to model a version. If you’re familiar with the book, you know that Jack does not like poetry until he begins to write poetry inspired by poems, introduced by his teacher. So . . .

Bark GeckoThe Gecko, inspired by William Blake

Gecko! Gecko! Clinging tight
To my walls both day and night.
What do you hunt as you hop and hurry?
Who made you to scamper and to scurry?

Sevcik, J.
Bark Gecko Photos, Bark Gecko Images | NaturePhoto-CZ In-text: (Sevcik, 2014)
Bibliography: Sevcik, J. 2014. Bark Gecko Photos, Bark Gecko Images | NaturePhoto-CZ. [online] Available at:
[Accessed: 20 Feb 2014].


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7 Responses to The Gecko

  1. Carrie Horn says:

    I like this. The poetry fire has been lit in me again recently. My poetry is always just jumbled and seldom rhymes. As a troubled teen, writing poetry was a way to express my teenage angst.

    • jaclynfre says:

      I’d love to read some of your poetry. Our students’ poetry is also jumbled and somewhat also hampered by English vocabulary learning since 90+% of them are not first speakers of English. So it’s quite a feat for them to write poems in English at all.

  2. jhaworthoy says:

    Your students are so fortunate…love the little gecko poem…inspired by Blake. I can just hear all of the poems your students will create because you have opened up new avenues. Jackie

  3. newtreemom says:

    I love this poem! I loved the little geckos that lived in my house when I lived in Panama in Central America!

    • jaclynfre says:

      What size were your geckos? Mine are quite small, but at my friends’ house I’ve seen a big one about 8 inches long–it leaves big droppings behind as well. But the mosquito control is absolutely fabulous. Wish there were more.

      • newtreemom says:

        They were small. And they made a funny little sound. We might have been eaten up by the bugs without them. We also had small green parrots in the mango tree in our front yard, and an iguana that lived in a hole in the back yard. Off and on, there would be parades of soldier ants on the sidewalk.

      • jaclynfre says:

        Mango tree?!!! I think we have a non-edible avocado tree in our front yard. The tropics are incredibly fertile.

        I would love to see pictures of the creatures you describe. The sound of geckos is unmistakable. I wish I had the skills to capture them in onomatopoeia. Have you tried? Tsock-tok-tok-tok-tok . . . like a deeper sucking teeth / clucking tongue sound. What would you say?

        I saw a monitor lizard in my neighborhood but he plopped into the water before my iPhone woke up. Boohoo!

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