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I almost ate bat (paniki) . . . ada

This is my final Slice of Life Story Challenge for March 2014, sponsored by Two Writing Teachers! Yesterday, I almost ate bat, but I did taste bat gravy. To be polite. Yes, paniki, bat in curry sauce. Some of the best travel … Continue reading

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Floating in a real life aquarium

Although Michigan is surrounded by water, our water sports are mostly surface: sea doo, water skiing, kayaking, etc. Here in Indonesia the water sport is under the sea. The clown fish, blue starfish, iridescent schools of triangular and striped fish … Continue reading

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my last trip in Indonesia–really

Since December, I have been saying that I would be taking no more trips in Indonesia whilst (shout-out to the Brits and Aussies) I prepare to return to the USA, saving up for pergo floors and a used car. Then, … Continue reading

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Bowing toward Mecca

Before I moved to Indonesia, I really had very little knowledge of Islam or being Muslim. My only real stand on any topic related to Islam was to compare those who opposed a mosque construction near Ground Zero to anyone who would … Continue reading

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Surrounded by volcanoes

My friend, Sam, who has lived in Indonesia for over 15 years gave us the tip to visit a hotel in the mountains. Sam specified a certain room and helped me book it with a down payment in advance. Once, … Continue reading

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Amazing Race Challenge: Locate a Silverbird

My travels with my aunt and uncle continued onto Jakarta yesterday where we landed at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Terminal 2. There are 3 terminals. We were pleasantly surprised to see we landed with enough time for a cream bath–head and neck … Continue reading

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Don’t worry! Be happy!

Our local Balinese guide, self described Bali Paul Newman — I think his name is actually Mr. Nyoman — but sounds like close enough, found out what the word “aphrodisiac” meant today. Mr. Nyoman took us to many local attractions … Continue reading

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