Tuk-tuk drivers are so helpful …


The Tuk-Tuk (covered wagons driven by motorbikes) drivers sidle up to you and simply inquire, “Tuk-Tuk?” Then they politely stand nearby, close enough to be included in your conversation about where to go next. It’s uncanny and amusing to North Americans who aren’t used to this kind of insistent service attention.

We’re used to irritated sales clerks at worst and service personnel we seek out by taxi wave or phone booking at best.

With Tuk-Tuk drivers we negotiate a price. Usually between $2-4–yes US dollars in Cambodia, and off we go.

The same is true for a boat ride on the Mekong. A lady met us with a sign as we stepped out of our Tuk-Tuk by the river. We negotiated a price and we were down the hill, across the gang plank and aboard ship for a modest 1 hour tour.

A really festive day of shopping, western food and touring to celebrate friend and fellow traveler, Rebekah’s birthday!




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One Response to Tuk-tuk drivers are so helpful …

  1. jhaworthoy says:

    It looks like you are having a good time with your friends. I am learning more and more from reading your posts. Have safe travels. Jackie

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