passport stories and visa applications

Slice of Life

Slice of Life

We have “Easter holidays” or simply “break” next week. I can’t resist calling it “spring break” because this phenomenon is an essential part of the American fabric. Yet, people in the Southern Hemisphere and the equator truly wonder what you mean when you mention it.

As an American, when people look puzzled, you feel like it is one of those fake befuddled “gotcha” exchanges you had with parents and teachers when you asked, “Can I go to the bathroom?”  “I don’t know. Can you?” And you roll your eyes, “Oh yeah, May I go to the bathroom?” But these people are genuinely unhinged. “Spring? What do you mean?” You roll your eyes “under your breath” and correct yourself, “What are you doing for the March holidays?”

So that having been said, for my break I was required to apply for a Visa to visit the country where I will be traveling. Applying for the Visa online, I was surprised by how quick the turn-around was.

While preparing for the travel with friends, I heard some really frightening passport stories where people misplaced their most vital traveling documents. After hours of panic, these stories ended with people remembering they left a passport in a discarded backpack or at a bike rental. Both of these stories involved hours of tortured searching and overnight buses that were taken in frantic hope against hope. The discarded backpack rescued his passport from the jaws of the trash bin right before it was taken away. The person who retrieved hers from the bike rental, mentioned that upon returning to the bike place the people dumped out a basket of passports which she painstakingly sorted through until miraculously hers appeared.

I’m praying that my passport stays with me at all times. Yikes!


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3 Responses to passport stories and visa applications

  1. mag says:

    Good luck! Have fun!

  2. Those are really frightening passport stories. It is so lucky that their passports were eventually found. I am a nervous traveler when it comes to important papers. I hope you have safe travels and a wonderful time on your break. P.S. We call it March Break here in Ontario as well. With all the snow we’ve had, you could hardly call it spring!

  3. Betsy says:

    I hope you have a wonderful trip. Passports are so important, I can understand your worry. Maybe duct taping it to yourself??

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