where I’m at with the vegan challenge


granola and coconut yogurt

granola and coconut yogurt

So you can tune out if you’re bored with vegan conversation. But as we near the finish line of the 30 Day Vegan Challenge, people have been wondering what’s next? Are you going to stay vegan? How committed are you?

Here’s a list of responses:

  • My biggest surprise: I was / am NEVER hungry.
  • The food was amazing!
  • I didn’t eat a lot of tofu (except hidden in brownies and spinach / artichoke dip).
  • It truly is a lot of work: planning, scavenging for nuts and berries (literally in Indonesian supermarkets), super blending humous or babaganouj or other menu items multiple times daily, marathon cooking sessions . . . but satisfying because you’re always eating homemade food that you enjoy (after testing out an initial dud–Miso Apple Tofu).
  • I don’t feel miraculously lighter or different, but I haven’t felt tired or bloated after eating A LOT (I like to eat).
  • As much as I resisted slaughterhouse images and animal-advocacy, I am not okay with what happens on factory farms. Now when someone says that they think of the animals when they eat “animal flesh or secretions” it doesn’t sound as amusing or extreme. This issue isn’t just for fringe-y compassionate animal lovers. It’s for anyone to simply become aware. Learn more.
  • I’ve become aware of people’s passion about vegan-ism pro and con. When you take the 30 Day challenge you made the decision to enter the conversation, but you also have the option to step out. Yet, I’ve become very aware of the “inside / outside” perspective of being vegan. It’s was like a cool backstage pass.
Slice of Life

Slice of Life

A few items on the “I’m not there (yet)”:

  • I plan to have cheese on my pizza from time to time.
  • I will not deny my family’s request for bulgogi (Korean barbecue) for birthdays and special occasions.
  • I won’t make hosts scramble for recipes by requesting vegan entrees when I’m asked over for dinner.
  • I will be ordering vegetarian items if nothing else is appealing or available on a menu.
  • I’m still not ready for imitation meats.

So there you are. Another mile post on the vegan journey: To or From after the 30 Days?


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3 Responses to where I’m at with the vegan challenge

  1. Jaana says:

    Thank you for your post! My daughter decided to be vegan during lent. She is thinking about it being a longer term. I have been struggling to find the right foods when she is home visiting. Your post gave me encouragement to try a little harder! Thank you!

    • jaclynfre says:

      Jaana, You are in for a treat if you’re willing to take this journey with your daughter. I would definitely check out Oh She Glows (http://ohsheglows.com/) for delicious recipe ideas. I’ve also invested in some cookbooks. Most people start with Chloe’s Kitchen (http://chefchloe.com/chloes-kitchen.html)–she won a cooking show on BRAVO for her cupcakes and the theme was not even vegan. Lots of delicious recipes without too many “out there” ingredients. Have fun!! Enjoy!! I’d love to hear what some of your favorites are.

  2. Betsy says:

    This is very cool. I think it is great to challenge yourself in ways that are maybe uncomfortable, hard, may seem impossible but you did this! it has made you think, pause, wonder. I think it is awesome and I am not vegan, but awareness is absolutely empowering.

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