navigating grades at a new school

Slice of Life

Slice of Life

At my new school, each semester has a new set of grades and comments that are unique to that specific time of the year. There is end of term. There is end of semester. The two drop-down menus include one for Semester with multiple Terms and the second has T1, S1, R1 . . . huh? Sometimes the semester remains the same and the term changes. Which makes sense in theory, but in the student management system we have it’s not that clear. Especially when, unlike my old American school, in this reporting system every term and semester are open for you to enter grades at each grading time.

Whenever you switch schools, it’s inevitable that you will find your reaction to change varies. Sometimes anticipated, when the administrators and colleagues provide a lot of advanced planning and sometimes the new systems are perplexing because not much preparation is provided. What seems natural to the veterans is not delivered in explicit detail to new comers. You vow to explain “the ropes” to the next cohort just the way you would have like them explained in order to understand the system immediately.

The trouble is, that where there is efficiency–there may be more stress. Where there is less of a sense of urgency, things slip through the cracks. Which is more appealing? Sometimes the extremes can be amusing–if you have the privilege to experience both.


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5 Responses to navigating grades at a new school

  1. elle1955 says:

    This is a good reminder to me to be more explicit in helping newcomers.

  2. It sounds like the grade system is complicated to navigate. Your last line really shows your attitude toward the support systems that you see. I hope you are amused more often than you are stressed out.

  3. Chris H. says:

    Where thereis efficiency, people sometimes forget the small steps and accumulated decisions and knowledge that it took to get there… it’s like cracking a code or figuring out a new language. MENTORS can be really helpful in navigating all of the details…

  4. Tara says:

    Grading is tricky in so many schools – in some, teachers are on the same page and there is comfort in that, in mine everyone does their own thing – which makes for confusion and stress all around, and leaves us open to criticism (justified) from parents. Good luck, and I hope you find a way to navigate through.

  5. Betsy says:

    This is so true. Those little details often get missed and the difficulty in communicating it all is messy and time consuming. Thanks for this reminder.

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