geeking out about pi day

Slice of Life

Slice of Life

When you’re an elementary teacher or a substitute (guest) teacher you have the opportunity to geek out about a lot of subjects because you teach virtually all of them. In fact, it was as a long-term sub in a middle school math position (sometimes being Asian works to my advantage as I was an English major and had taken no math classes since high school) that I learned the mathematical value of pi. In middle school, I was that learner who just followed formulas and got the answers–without fully comprehending the foundational knowledge.

The activity: Our class took a piece of string and measured the diameter of a circle–a soup can or a Pringle’s can. The diameter is the farthest distance between 2 points on a circle–the line that splits the circle in half. Then we cut the string to match the diameter. We used the string–the diameter–to see how many times it would go around the circumference of the circle.

I’ll start the irrational answer for you: 3.14159265359

March 14 is pi day if you write the date like Americans with the month before the day: 3/14. So Happy Happy Pi Day!

It is also Einstein’s birthday!! I’ve always been secretly jealous of people with March 14th birthdays. The secret’s out. Now for the pie–at 1:59 p.m. Jakarta time! I ran out of time to make it . . . but check out this luscious silken tofu chocolate pie! I’ve had some–before Pi Day–and it is amazing!


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5 Responses to geeking out about pi day

  1. Beth says:

    Love it, Jackie. So clever 🙂

  2. jhaworthoy says:

    Oh…the recipe looks great…I will have to try it when I am visiting my sister…she and I like to try new treats when we get together. I did not know it was Einstein’s birthday! I love it when I learn something new every day….is that geeky? Can’t wait to try the Pi…I mean pie. Jackie

  3. Pie(bookmarked your recipe:) for Pi day sounds just right. I enjoyed your “geek out.”

  4. Betsy says:

    I also did not know it was Einstein’s birthday, fun fact for the day!

  5. GirlGriot says:

    Make that three of us who didn’t know it was Einstein’s birthday!

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