scribbles to scratches

About a month ago, I guest blogged for Two Apples a Day, a connection that was my portal to international teaching. I had the honor to meet one of the bloggers, Jee Young, while visiting Singapore in November, but had been following her blog for over a year while she was still in Korea and I was the U.S.

Jee Young has just recently posted her thoughts on non-fiction texts. As I regularly reply to her inspirational reflections, I realized that I could not post pictures of my charts in the response. So in the spirit of Chart Chums, a resource with loads of practical take-aways, I’ve decided to publish some charts I’ve been using with students.

My charts are filled with scribbles–my handwriting is not elementary or middle school worthy–but I’m hoping they leave the students inspired to scratch their heads, like good readers do–asking compelling inquiry questions in response to text.

When I taught second and third grade, my goal was to use quality mentor texts for mini-lessons. I bought most of the suggestions listed in Nonfiction Mentor Texts by Lynne R. Dorfman and Rose Cappelli–pure gold!! However, now as a middle school teacher, my students invariably research on the internet. Therefore, I have adapted my lessons to include how to search and then annotate internet resources. It’s a challenge!

Here’s a recent lesson the students are just now working on: Inquiry Superhero

non-fiction poster_pdf

annotation inquiry text_structure


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2 Responses to scribbles to scratches

  1. chartchums says:

    Your charts exhibit energy, enthusiasm, and lots of important information. Thank you for sharing these charts and look forward to seeing more!

  2. melody says:

    I love all the color! Charts make my heart so happy 🙂

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