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yogyakarta: aka jogja

February is the anniversary of my job offer. It hardly seems possible that this journey has already taken one year. Even more insane is that I’m spending the days before Presidents’ Day weekend in a city that I did not … Continue reading

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scribbles to scratches

About a month ago, I guest blogged for Two Apples a Day, a connection that was my portal to international teaching. I had the honor to meet one of the bloggers,¬†Jee Young, while visiting Singapore in November, but had been … Continue reading

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why i’m (not) doing the 30 day vegan challenge

10 reasons not to join my colleague’s 30 day vegan challenge: given a choice, I’d give up chocolate before cheese has been my default “backed into a corner” position self-righteousness is a personal vice, going vegan (even for a month) … Continue reading

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Year of the Snake: Happy Chinese New Year

Speaking to my parents who asked if Chinese New Year parades were happening all over, I responded that my perception of the festivities at our particular school is very much like celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at Notre Dame. Our school … Continue reading

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marked: want to read (individualized or shared reading in the middle school classroom)

A colleague, Tricia, sent a blog post my way about the value of shared texts or more more to the point, “Stop Reading Whole-Class Novels.” I weighed in and wanted to blog this discussion because what I love about the … Continue reading

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