jetlag in hong kong

stuff on a list to bring back from the USA

stuff on a list to bring back from the USA

Extreme writing challenge: 15 minutes to capture layovers and international flying
from a hotel room in Hong Kong where the airport shuttle is set to leave in 30 minutes

  • saying good-bye to family and friends softened when you
    A) don’t calculate how long it is until you see them again
    B) you can skype / facetime them in a time span that has the possibility of appearing “clingy”
    C) your dad iMessages you from a rest area in Nebraska
    D) still enjoying Nibble Mix made by mom and aunt
  • 50 pound luggage limit is possible with the right carry-on luggage
  • a night at a hotel is never overpriced (like a mini version of the Grand Zuri experience–the hotel that welcomed us to our new international school orientation–the stay in HK is a crash mat before the full impact)
  • free internet must always be taken full advantage of
  • there’s tons of work to do when the plane hits the ground “back home”

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