a trip to the grocery store

I’ve been wondering what is the best way to share a glimpse into life in BSD, the city where I live and work. Finally, on Independence Day, I have time to run some errands. This is my walk and angkot ride to school and a nearby grocery store, Giant. Then the taxi ride back.

In the slideshow, look for:

  • My house, H11 / 3
  • A satpam (security guard)
  • A pondok (a sheltered place to rest)
  • The gate to Banyan Ville decked out for Independence Day
  • The “fishing boat” in one of the ponds at The Green
  • Various flowers (for my dad)
  • Indication that the land surrounding our school, is owned by a particular palm oil magnate
  • Where students and teachers usually have lunch
  • My favorite spot in the school
  • A family ojek
  • The Indonesian version of Meijer’s
  • Steam emitted outside Giant, for the purpose of cooling the air
  • An amusing brand of ice cream that just might not make it to the US
  • Bahasa words for “Thank you”
  • The blurry meter on my taxi (it’s difficult to take pictures in a moving vehicle)
  • Return to The Green–torches at sundown

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I got ingredients to make shepherd’s pie. Mmm.


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Tech integration specialist, recipe adventurer, fast walker, sporadic writer, aunt, sister and daughter
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7 Responses to a trip to the grocery store

  1. Karen Walker says:

    Life looks interesting Jacquie! Hope you are treasuring all these unique experiences! Luv ya.

  2. Doug Bouws says:

    what is an ojek? Thanks for sharing the pics!!

  3. Jackie says:

    Doug, Your dad was in love with them when he visited Asia. Ojek = motorcycle taxi.

  4. Lisa Schra says:

    Jackie – this is a great way of showing us your life. It sure is different from West Michigan! Hope teaching is going well and you continue to settle in –Lisa & Jeffrey & Willem & Xander

  5. Lisa Schra says:

    PS I laughed out loud at the “Dung Dung ice cream”!

  6. Kathy A says:

    Fun to have some pictures to wrap our heads and imaginations around the foreign land and culture you’re in now.

  7. Paul VT says:

    Great Pictures, Jackie!

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