my mac guy

Once a year I visit my Mac guy. He does maintenance on my current computer, either an upgrade or an application installation, etc. But mostly, he chides me for not caring properly for my Mac:

  • Why are all these files cluttering your desktop?
  • Did you install all of these updates? I thought I told you that this isn’t a good idea.
  • You should never travel with your power cord plugged in. You’re going to damage it sooner that way.
  • Are you powering down every night? I am just now having to rebuild this computer for someone who put his laptop to sleep and while he was driving slammed on his brakes which caused him to lose all of his current files. Had he powered down or backed up his files regularly, he could have avoided this.
  • How are you taking care of your keyboard? This person lost everything when water splattered on his keyboard. A $900 machine and he has chosen not to have it fixed.

These are just a few, but not the full extent of direct quotes. The first time we met, he upgraded my G4 Tower (many years ago). When I came to pick it up, he mentioned he knew everything about me. I thought it was a creepy joke, until I began to mentally scan through the files: my checkbook, all the pictures, my internet history, my song playlist and various first drafts that I had penned. Yikes!

Rhetorically, he observed, “Do you have a low-pile carpet? I could tell by the amount of dust that the fan blew inside the hard drive.” I do, in fact, have berber carpeting in my home.

At the same time, I go to him because, like a doctor’s visit, I need to face the effects of my lazy habits. I need to hear about the changes I can possibly implement to maintain the quality that I will ultimately appreciate to counteract years of use.

So, when I mentioned that I would be traveling, internationally, he suggested (in his deceptively soft-spoken manner) that I google, ScotteVests. “They’re totally worth the price.”

For international travelers and those planning on taking motor taxis because they don’t currently have a vehicle lined up for them when they move to Jakarta and are wondering if there’s an alternative to a backpack . . . Allow me to introduce you to the following:

Thanks Mac Guy!


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