one foot in front of the other

This was our last full day of school. We’re making a page for an Important Book for each person in our class, inspired by Margaret Wise Brown. We’re cleaning desks. We’re having a pizza party. We’re giving gifts to our volunteer parents. We’re playing kick ball. We’re having Popsicles.

We had a book premiere for the Memoirs of 3rd Graders, the book we published on LuLu. There was red carpet. There were paparazzi. There was book signings.

People ask, “When do you leave? How are you feeling? Are you excited?” Usually in that order. My answer has been, “I’m just putting one foot in front of the other.”

dragonfly blanket

keeping warm

I can’t think about it too much. My mom came to help start boxing things up. Taking things down.

My 3rd graders gave me a blanket that they all signed. When in Jakarta, I hope to take a picture of it with my new students and send it back to the students’ 4th grade teachers to share with them next fall.

Do I have a grade for every report card item? Are the grades entered? Have I returned all reasonably graded work? Are the students taking things home little by little? Are we leaving enough to finish up our books? Do they know that they have left a little piece of themselves in my heart because I tried to give a little piece of mine to them each day?



Last week, my colleagues brought a tear to my eye with a cereal box and a candy bar, not to mention other snacks. Unfortunately, my nephew got a hold of the Dora the Explorer cereal with my picture superimposed on it before I could snap a picture. But the candy bar survived. I’m so grateful for everybody who is reminding me that my adventure was not an escape, but is pleasantly difficult to begin because of all I’m leaving behind.





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One Response to one foot in front of the other

  1. Doug Bouws says:

    “one foot in front of the other” Those words were first made famous by your brother in the mountains of Vermont some 25 years ago.

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