catching fire

Within the past couple weeks, I have seen The Hunger Games 3 times. Allow me to explain. I appreciated the book for what it was: a clever provocative “inside a video game” dystopia that raises questions about the media with the twist on reality t.v. that involves disturbing child on child violence. The movie was amazingly well-cast with the surprise being Haymitch and Snow, since I pictured Haymitch more like the actor who played Snow, and I pictured Snow as an adorably creepy Asian grandpa. I also have opinions about at what age children can handle the movie, etc. But I digress.

All this to say that I didn’t see it 3 times because I’m a fangirl, but because I was invited by 3 different people, all of whom are very important to me, in the context that we are cherishing our limited time together: my niece, my colleagues, and one of my best friends. I couldn’t help but wonder as the movie ended, where I would be and with whom I would be able to catch Catching Fire (the sequel, for the uninitiated).

Is it weird to continue to draw strength from coming of age stories? I’m not ashamed to say that the siblings’ journey from unsuspecting visitors to full-on major defenders of Narnia in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe provided unexpected strength during a difficult transition–not that long ago. So now, Katniss’ decision to volunteer as tribute and her kicka– embracing of the challenge is quite relevant. But whose life can’t be infused with a little courage? Which explains why Suzanne Collins will be busy consulting on the movie versions of her books for awhile.

In any case, the title of the sequel, Catching Fire, also seems apt as Jakarta is in fact very, very hot. How dare I? I am no Katniss Everdeen. But definitely I treasure spending time with some of my favorite people. Watching a movie with no subtitles. In America. Before I head out across continents and seas.

Note: After my third viewing, I had a couple questions: What happens to the sleeping bag after the first night? If you haven’t read the books, is it clear how Katniss obtains her knife?


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