that very week . . .

When we were younger, we rarely saw our grandparents because we lived overseas in Korea and Japan. Later, when we moved back to the US, we lived several states away. So whenever we got together, it carried an air of festivity since it was a probably a special occasion: Christmas, summer vacation, etc.

Today, I live in the same town as all of my living grandparents, but one set goes to Arizona for the winter and when they’re in town, their calendar is filled up with social events. The other one lives in a nursing care facility and has the capacity to make me laugh so hard with her stories. She’s very funny. This means seeing them still holds some of that “special” feeling that I can’t quite describe.

I went to the mailbox on Friday and found a note with a magazine article. My mom enjoys clipping magazine articles she thinks her kids might find interesting (Teach for America alumni follow-ups, Korean recipes, what the producers and cast of “The Wire” are up to, etc.) and sending them to us, but this time the return address was Tucson. My Grandpa and Grandma Aggie both wrote a note of encouragement about my decision to teach in Indonesia.

Excerpt: “We talked with your mother last week and she told us of your plans to teach in Indonesia. That very week I received a magazine about the country. I found it very interesting and thought you’d like to read it . . . ”

Across states and soon countries again, my grandparents stay connected. Here’s a picture of the article about Indonesian President, SBY:



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