mary stops by

The door bell rings as I’m eating dinner, cilantro lime rice and chicken pot pie. It’s Mary, our condo association social director, fresh from the board meeting to let me know my request to sublet my condo has been approved. She gives me a hug and advises me against a tenant who is a smoker.

One of the last times she was on my doorstep was when she and her husband and their friends from somewhere else in the association had stopped by to inspect the stain color I had selected for my deck. They disapproved. I was soon favored with them bringing over their stain as they tested its color on a corner of my deck. My deck is currently stained in a redwood that matches theirs.

This time though, the visit is less surprise and more appreciation. Being approved to sublet is among the growing list of concerns that seem to be checking themselves off as I anticipate the upcoming shift in living conditions.

I glance over at my very cool neighbor in a bandana, Missy, as she’s detailing her car, I realize she is in the circle of people I want to tell about my move.

“Don’t worry! I heard,” Missy smiles and nods at Mary while we both watch her disappear back into her condo, yet still watching us from within. “You should have just gotten a Harley!” She advises as she spent a good part of her day riding on her own yellow hog earlier.

She agrees to help me select a tenant. I accept gratefully!


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